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NUG Foreign Minister Daw Zin Ma Aung attended and discussed at the 60th Munich Security Conference held in Germany (photo: VOA)

NUG Foreign Minister: The people did not want a military coup

The people did not want a military coup, so they resisted the revolution (Daw Zin Ma Aung NUG Foreign Minister) NUG Foreign Minister Daw Zin Ma Aung, who attended the 60th Munich Security Conference held for 3 days in Munich, Germany, on Saturday and discussed the Myanmar issue, said that ...

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Yin_Min_Tun, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Report: Australian Mining Companies Funding Myanmar Junta

Australian mining companies operating in Myanmar are contributing to military government funding, according to a new report. Justice for Myanmar, an activist group that focuses on campaigning against military-rule, says the mining companies listed in a new report titled “Mining Against Humanity” remain active and create revenue for the military. That activity, ...

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UN warns of increase in urban fighting and war refugees 

Fighting has intensified this month in eastern and western Myanmar, spreading to densely populated urban areas and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes, the United Nations warns. The 3 northern twin alliances, the Ta’ang TNLA forces; After the Rakhine Army AA and Kokang MNDAA forces jointly started the ...

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anwar ibrahim by Udey Ismail, flickr

Malaysian Prime Minister: Myanmar is the biggest problem for ASEAN

Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said at the United Nations General Assembly that the ongoing violence in Myanmar is very worrying and that it is the biggest problem for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN, both strategically and humanitarianly. Myanmar is the biggest problem for ASEAN (Malaysian Prime Minister) ...

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The Secretary-General of ASEAN witnessed the handover of the ASEAN Chairmanship from the Republic of Indonesia to Lao PDR at the closing ceremony of the 43rd ASEAN Summit and Related Summits today in Jakarta.

ASEAN rotating chairmanship transferred to Laos 

The rotating chairmanship of ASEAN was handed over from Indonesia to Laos on Thursday. At the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Summit held in Jakarta, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo handed over the president’s symbol to Lao Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone. After handing over the duties, President Widodo said that for peace and ...

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What is the difference between Thailand and Myanmar coup?

Burma and neighboring Thailand are close to each other in terms of culture and customs. Military coups are often the same. Thailand is more resistant to the effects of the military coup, Myanmar had to decline on the other side. What are the differences between the two countries? Historical Context ...

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Kalon meeting convened by the military council (July 31, 2023)

Myanmar’s Martial Law Extended

The Myanmar Military Council, which has been ruling under the emergency period of martial law, called a meeting today and extended the emergency period for another 6 months. What do political observers think about this extended term? Ma Mya Thazin Aung will present the contact information. After seizing power on February 1, ...