KNLA medic treating displaced civilians. Steve Sandford (VOA), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Council Against the Military Government – Myanmar’s New Political Development


Analysts say the recent establishment of an “anti-junta council” in eastern Myanmar represents a trend that is likely to lead to similar action elsewhere in the country. near future But it is also a sign of the overall division of the anti-military process.

On June 12, the past An alliance consisting of armed groups Political and civil society groups agreed to create a new council called the Interim Executive Council of Karenni State to assume state functions independently and independent of the military junta that has held power since 2021.

A statement about the plan said the council “aims to protect the lives and property of the people. public service and serves to meet the basic needs of the people including education, public health, food and other basic necessities.”

Although the group that formed this council has been identified by the military government as a terrorist group Start acting as a mini-government in Karen State But they are the first group in Myanmar’s 14 states and regions to dare to do this.

David Mathesan, a Myanmar-based analyst based in Thailand, said the emergence of the parliament in Karen State demonstrated the growing ability to control the junta and the militia. come to other areas across the country.

Meanwhile, Aung Tun, a researcher at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore, told VOA that a similar movement was also brewing in Rakhine State in western Myanmar.

Mathesan and Aung Tun agree, however, that the emergence of anti-junta councils in the states highlights competition among ethnic minorities who also oppose the military. Myanmar’s National Unity Government, or NUG (National Unity Government), a shadow government set up by a group of civilian politicians who were seized two years ago will come out to support the development of this aspect

  • Source: VOA / Photo: Steve Sandford (VOA) via Wikimedia Commons

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