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Myanmar military government bans men from working abroad.

The Myanmar military government has banned all men from traveling abroad to work. Amid public concern over the recently enacted new military conscription law,

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, leader of the Myanmar military government. It was announced in February that all men between the ages of 18 and 35 must enlist in the army for two years. After the Myanmar army lost many of its bases and territory to rebel forces in recent months,

The announcement led to more than 100,000 Myanmar nationals leaving the country to avoid military service. According to the Burmese Affairs and Conflict Study report last year.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor, Myanmar told Radio Free Asia’s Burmese section that the latest order banning men from traveling abroad for work came into effect on May 1 and will continue indefinitely. However, men who registered Those working abroad before the end of April will be exempt.

The International Labor Organization estimates that more than 4 million Myanmar citizens work abroad. Of this number, it is estimated that approximately 2 million people work in Thailand. But it was not specified how many men there were.

The Burmese Affairs and Conflict Study shows that the Myanmar military government has enacted new conscription laws in 224 cities across the country. About 5,000 young men had been sent to various military training camps until March.

Kaw Tin Jaw of the Myanmar International Employment Confederation told Radio Free Asia that the military government’s announcement not only created challenges for those wanting to travel abroad for work. but also various employment agencies.

Many workers who planned to travel abroad said they were left stranded and unable to do anything after the announcement. Meanwhile, living conditions in Myanmar are fraught with economic problems from conflict, war, and mismanagement by the country’s administrators.

On International Labor Day, which falls on May 1, General Min Aung Hlaing said that labor is an important part for Myanmar. and the government will take necessary measures to protect the rights of those workers.

  • Source: Radio Free Asia (RFA)

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